Welcome to my Practice

As both a professional counsellor and workplace relationships consultant I have worked with hundreds of people both privately as a counsellor and within many organisations. My passion is simply to help people communicate with themselves, and with each other, effectively.

If we understand the way we let history dominate our lives, as individuals and organisations, we lose control of our own future and often seek to regain control by controlling others - a course of action that will inevitably lead to conflict with others or within ourselves.

My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized yet, given my life, professional and academic experiences I can remain flexible. I help my clients to open the door to a brighter and confident future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the first session when I see a therapist?

It is an opportunity for you and I to assess where we can work together and also to ensure that I am the right person to help you.

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How quickly can you see me??

Every effort is made to offer you an initial assessment appointment within two days.

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Is the service confidential??

Yes. The content of the sessions is confidential to you and me in accordance with the professional and ethical guidelines issued by my professional body.

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