Thinking about depression (2)

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Thinking about depression (2)

There are things we can do to help ourselves to begin the move up the spiral and out of depression.

A major move forward would be to recognise the negative thoughts and feelings for what they are – past conditioning coming through – challenge them – make a note of them; get them out on a piece of paper. Don’t leave it there though, get all the negatives out how you feel about other people in general, about what the future might hold.

Then examine them to see if they are real and for all time; are they automatic thoughts – coming at you almost like a built in default. Are they unreasonable; “everybody hates me” – is this true – have you spoken to everybody in the whole world – past or present? Are any of these thoughts exaggerated?

Maybe think about how, when you wrote the list, you deliberately ignored that little voice in the back of your head that questioned what you wrote – when you ignored something that was even slightly positive?


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