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Mission Statement: Dedicated to Mental Health and Wellbeing

My mission is simply to help you to rediscover the fun in your life by providing professional mental health services, backed up by empirical research. I believe that, as a counsellor, my values should be driven by a desire to help you, the client, free yourselves from those shackles that weigh you down and limit you. Those values should be understanding, empowerment and autonomy.

Damian Stoupe 

MSc, PGradDip Counselling, BA(Cons), NCS(Acc)

As well as having woked as a couseor for the last 14 years, I also work with organisations large and small (local businesses, NHS trusts, Universities, police, housing associations …).

I have presented at national and international conferences on mental health and wellbeing issues as well as writing some articles in professional and academic journals on the subject.

My academic research supports my professional counselling work. I have a specific interest in conflict in its many forms; whether that is with other people or within ourselves; whether the issues are anger, depression, anxiety, relationship problems or even addictions.

I believe counselling should focus on fun; where fun is related not to instant gratification but our development as fully fledged human persons by growing emotionally and intellectually.

I aim to help you find a way to have fun in your life again. To achieve this aim, merely looking backwards in counselling is not enough, any work we do must help you approach the future with confidence in the tools and skills we develop together.

My focus is on developing a whole mental health approach which responds to your unique circumstances and concerns – be the anxiety, depression, self-esteem, or relationship difficulties. You may need to find relief from persistent sadness or anxious feelings as you go about your day, or maybe you need to find a way to communicate so that others hear you.

My approach helps you to find the tool and skills to live a mentally healthy life.

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