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Understanding Anger

Often I have clients who come to see me because someone, often their spouse or partner, has given them an ultimatum that they need to deal with their ‘anger’. Sometimes the client agrees that it is an issue, other times they do not, they feel the other person is trying to change them – which,…
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Thinking about depression

We tend to use the word depression a lot and most of us at some time of other have felt depressed, down or ‘out of sorts’. Often these events are tied to those times when we are highly stressed; when someone dies, when a relationship breaks down, redundancy, or when financial worries get on top…
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10 tips for less stressful mornings

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, the foundation of it needs to be established in early childhood. Building self-esteem will allow the child to deal with difficult situations that they will encounter during their lifetime. Since parents have the greatest influence on a…
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