Knowldege​ is power!

Counselling and Coaching in Wells and Somerset

It is true; the more we know about something the more in control we can be about how we deal with it. On this page, I will add links to a variety of different resources for you to be able to find out more about issues I deal with— and those issues I do not work with.

Don’t forget; if there is any way I can help you please call (on 07792 799017) or email me to make an appointment 

An important link that we should be on all counselling websites is to the Samaritans, or call them on 116 123. They provide immediate support to those who are in need of help; as they say – you do not be suicidal to talk to them.

Finding a counsellor:

I do not offer recommendations for people to see counsellors; not to protect my own business but because the choice of counsellor or therapist is personal.

I do suggest however people look at the different counsellor profiles at the professional body websites such as my own National Counselling Society or the more well-known BACP, both of which offer a find a counsellor facility.

I would suggest you look closely at the counsellor’s qualifications and experience but, most importantly, go and see them. This is really important because you must feel comfortable with your counsellor. You may have the most qualified counsellor in the world but if you feel uncomfortable with them the success of your work together will be affected. You will only find the answer out if you sit down and talk to them.

Some counsellors offer free sessions whilst others (like myself) charge for the initial session. The way I work with clients means that the initial session is not a simple information gathering interview but a practical session in which we begin work and I demonstrate my approach to you. At the end of the session, I suggest that people go away and have a good think about the session, make sure the approach I demonstrated is what they want from their counsellor, check that they feel comfortable with me and that they feel they can trust me. Different counsellors take different approaches, it may be that another counselling  approach may suit you better.

Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a counsellor, or therapist; this is an issue that needs to be sorted out at a regulatory level to ensure that peopel are working with professionally qualified and experienced counsellors. Make sure that your counsellor is professionally trained and a member of one of the main counselling organisations (such as the National Counselling Society).

A note on accreditiation: Although I am an accredited counsellor, do not be too put off if someone is not accredited. It does not necessarily mean that they are poor counsellors. Although the professional bodies do offer and recommend accreditation, not all counsellors are willing to pay the money, expend the energy, or, to be honest, have the client base (for example,  if they are close to retirement and only seeing one or two clients a week) to go through the process. Just checkout their details.

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